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Helpful Driving Instruction for the New York State Driver's Test

At Vaswani Driving Academy, in the Bronx, New York, students must prove to the instructors that they are prepared to take the New York state driver's test. We teach you to apply the IPPE Rules and incorporate The Smith System™ in your driving so you can become a safe and confident driver.
12 Requirements to Pass the Test
There are 12 requirements that you must know in order to pass your driver's test. If you know these well and have practiced them enough, then it may be time to take the test. Please note that if your instructor feels you are not ready for your road test, he will make the final decision on whether you will take the exam or not. The 12 requirements are:
• Blind Spot Parking
• Stop Sign
• 4-Way Stop Sign
• Left Turn
• Right Turn
• Intersection Turn
• Parking
• Broken U-Turn
• Lane Change
• Speed — Good Weather
• Speed — Bad Weather
• Steering Wheel Position
Driving Car
Contact us to pass your driver's test the first time by signing up for classes with our school.
All Driving School Cars have Commercial Driving School Insurance Mandated by the DMV up to $1,000,000